Joyce Garner

table paintings

artist statement

I am a self-taught painter from Louisville, KY. The intent of my work is shaped by how I look at art in my personal life. I love to sit in front of a piece in the mornings with a cup of hot tea in my hands, and let my mind go. I want art that gives me a place to go.

I love working on this theme of life around tables. I don't collect tables but do often collect chairs, second hand or new. Chairs take care of a person. For a while there it was getting crowded at our house.

One friend said, enough of these brown chairs. Another friend said, if you want to line up chairs all the way around your studio, go for it.

Back to the tables. I often start a painting with a big circle for the table and then some chairs ─ empty. THEN I get to seat a person.

POWER. Young/old, shy/extrovert, sly/unknowing, male/female, participant or a watcher or a witness, involved or oblivious or dreaming. I don't want realism in the faces but I do want expression that is readable. This is tricky and I often back off the drawing to err on the side of cartoon, rather than slide into a specific person's face.

Tortoises, hares, cats, dogs, birds can show up around the table. And then I notice what is on or gone from the table.....isn't it a simple thought?

If this is what I paint the rest of my life, it feels okay.